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EXP rate decreases with rebirth levels.

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Character Level Rebirth
Makumex 150 1
Quuan 150 1
BamBam 150 0
KOPIKO 150 0
Nope 150 0
Chiskeyk 150 0
CherrieLoves 150 0
Crackshooter 150 0
Pann1k 150 0
kiks 150 0
Full Ranking



✓ 168 Inventory Slots
✓ Resize-able Inventory
✓ Advance Party Finder
✓ Basic Theme (classic game-play)
✓ Automatic Job Change
✓ Automatic max skills on level-up
✓ Fashion with awakes are trade-able
✓ Wiki on Items (you can check all items in the game)
✓ Wiki on Monsters (Check all monsters in the game)
✓ Wiki on Jobs (Check all job classes in the game)
✓ Model Viewer (shift + double click the item)
✓ Change-able hotkeys (Change hotkeys as you comfort with)
✓ Show or Hide your Fashion
✓ Sort your Inventory Items
✓ Passive Guild Buffs
✓ Cool-down Timer (Dungeons, Siege FFA, etc)
✓ Rarity System
✓ Everyday Guild Siege
✓ Collecting Rewards
✓ Glow Changer
✓ Unlimited Arrows, Blessed and Poster Skills
✓ Glyphs System (an Item with stats replacement of Arrow Slot)
✓ Floating Wing Masks
✓ Custom Awakes
✓ Advance Teleport System (Ingame Start Menu -> Tools)


Armors, Weapon and Raised Pet

Sta/Str/Int/Dex 70 Max
AttackSpeed +25% Max
AttackPower +30% Max
Increased MP 500 Max
Critical Rate 30% Max
Adoch 70% Max
DCT / Spell Rate 25% Max

Fashion Blessings and Pickup Pets

Sta/Str/Int/Dex +50 Max
Critical Rate 20% Max
Adoch 30% Max
AttackSpeed 25% Max
Attack Power 30% Max
Increased MP 250 Max
DCT / Spell Rate 15% Max

Skill Changes

~~Arcanist Skills :
•Special Int Mastery = INT+25 to INT+50 dct 10%
•Fire Master = PvE+10% to PvE+50%
•Earth Master = PvP+5% to PvP+20%
•Lightning Mastery = Electricity+15% to Atk+20%
•Water Master = Water+15% to Speed+30%
•Wind Master = Wind+15% to DCT+30%

~~Mentalist Skills :
•Special Int Mastery = INT+25 to INT+50 DCT+20%
•Crusio Spell = Reflect Damage+100% PvE+20% to Reflect Damage+50%,PvP+20%

~~Seraph Skills :
•Spirit Fortune = Atk+5%,Mp+5% to Atk+20%,HP+20%
•Holyguard = HP+5% to HP+25%
•Heavens Step = Speed+42% to Speed+70%
•Divine Prosperity = PvP+5% to PvP+20%
•Reiment of Rhisis = DEF+550 to PvE+50%
•Merkaba CD = 2Secs to 1Sec

~~Force Master Skills :
•Bubbles Blessing = Add Magical Power+300 to Speed+30%
•Shades Calamity = Additional Damage+180 to DCT+30%
•Ire of Iblis = Attack Speed+20% to MP+25%
•Touch of Rhisis = Critical Chance+45% to HP+25%
•Asmodeus = Inc Atk Power(Knuckle)+100 to STR+50
•Special Knuckle Mastery = Inc Damage(Knuckle)+200,DCT+20% to MP+20%.DCT+20%

~~Harlequin Skills :
•Special Yo-yo Mastery = Inc Damag(yoyo)+100 to PvP+15%
•Whisper Dodge = Melee Block+10% to Speed+30%
•Minds Eye = Hit+20% to ATK+25%
•Yoyo Mastery = Inc Atk power(Yoyo)+42 to PvP+15%
•Critical Swing = Critical Chance+40% to ATK+25%
•Enchant Poison = Additional Damage+24 to HP+20%

~~Crackshooter Skills :
•Special Bow Mastery = Inc Damag(Bow)+100 to PvP+15%
•Eye of the Hawk = Inc Range Bow+10% add speed+10%
•Farsight = Hit+30% to Hit 50%
•Devastating Sting = Atk+450 to ATK+25%

~~Slayer Skills :
•Special 1Hand Mastery = Inc Damag(1Hand)+300 to PvP+15%
•Empower Weapon = ATK+11% to ATK+25%
•Axe Mastery = Inc Damag(Axe)+100 to Inc Critical Damage+50%
•Smite Axe = Inc Damag(Axe)+50,Def+25 to HP+25%,Speed+30%
•Berserk = Atk Speed+12%,Additional Damage+150 to Pve+25%,PvP+25%
•Blessing of War = Speed+50%,ATK+650 to Speed+50%,ATK+25%
•Sword Mastery = Inc Damag(Sword)+100 to Inc Critical Damage+50%

~~Templar Skills :
•Special 2Hand Mastery = Inc Damag(1Hand)+300 to PvP+25%
•Heart of the Tower = DEF+700 to HP+25%
•Rage = ATK and HP +280,Defense and Accuracy-42% to HP+25%,Atk+25%

Release date: 05.18.2019, 14:33